Sunday, August 30, 2009

Werner Herzog - Biography - Monday 8/31

Werner Herzog (Werner H. Stipetic) was born September 5 1942 in Munich, Germany. He is primarily a filmmaker but has also writes prose and screenplays, directs operas, and acts. He is considered to be of the German New Wave Movement (along with Fassbinder, Wenders and others). Herzog takes an unconventional stance on filmmaking, particularly that of the documentary ilk. He has a great dislike for cinema verite and believes that facts do not denote truth. He aims to express an "ecstatic truth" in his films and often blends documentary and narrative techniques to accomplish this goal. ""Film," Herzog insists, "is not the art of scholars, but of illiterates," and it is not surprising that his work has aroused contradictory responses. Those who are fascinated by his awe-inspiring landscapes and enigmatic heroes see him as a poet whose work is haunting, sublime and mysterious; others see him as a mystic-or worse, as a mystifier - whose films are regressive, self-indulgent and naïvely romantic."

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