Friday, September 18, 2009

Bela Tarr - 09/21/09

Bela Tarr
Began his film career as a documentary filmmaker who worked in the popular style of his time and place (Hungary in the 1970's) and as dictated by the Budapest School, which sought to depict absolute social realism through the medium of film. By the mid-1980's Tarr's style and focus began to shift from documenting gritty realism to exploring metaphysical questions. His shots became longer, the camera pulled back, and he began playing with spatial and temporal planes to great poetic effect. Plot was not entirely abandoned but it was treated as a frame upon which to drape images and sequences. He began collaborating with Hungarian novelist Laszlo Krasznahorkai, working with adaptations of his novels but expanding them beyond the confines of their stories. Jonathan Rosenbaum described the film as "black and white images which seem to float out of an endless drunken dream... desperate people ready to betray each other and themselves as the rain never ends."
clip #1 from Damnation (1988)

clip #2 from Damnation (1988)

clip # 3 from Damnation (1988)

clip #4 from Damnation (1988)

interview with Bela Tarr

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